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Individual Income Tax Return


  1. Full name, social security number, date of birth for taxpayer, spouse/dependents. Address, telephone numbers, bank account and routing number for direct depositor

  2. Forms W-2, W-2G, 1042 and 1099-Miscellaneous; documents of unemployment benefits, pension, and social security benefits if applicable

  3. Documents of interest and dividend income, e.g. bank statement, stock and mutual fund

  4. Records of Stock sales and mutual fund (date for bought & sold, price for gain or loss)

  5. Documents of business deals and real estate sales (e.g. sales contract, closing statement)

  6. Bank statement of mortgage, real estate tax; rent income, total amount of expenditures for insurance, utilities and maintenance

  7. Total income for self-employed, freelancers and cash income earners

  8. Form K-1 for partners or shareholders (e.g. partnerships, S-corporations, LLP)

  9. Expenses for job-related, for example, cost associated with professional and business training, professional newspaper and magazine subscriptions, business travel, hotel, equipment purchase (e.g. computers), and mileage of cars for business trips

  10. Childcare expenditures for children under 13 (e.g., name, address, tax identification/social security number of caretaker)

  11. Records of college tuition paid for self, spouse or dependents

  12. Retirement Fund contribution (IRA)




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